Kathleen Dunn


A few years ago, a dear friend asked me to design scripture cards for a group of young moms she was mentoring. As a graphic designer, I’ve always enjoyed creating memory verse cards for myself, so I was excited to do it for others. Eventually, the women started asking for extra cards to give away, and some excitedly told me they were “actually memorizing verses!” because they loved the clean, easy to read designs and kept them in prominent places in their homes. I was thrilled that the cards were having an impact, so I decided to take the idea and run with it.

And so began Modern Word—
a collection of luxe cards and gifts that make surrounding yourself with scripture effortless


My design aesthetic is “less is more,” and I particularly espouse that when designing scripture. God’s word is pure truth—nothing can be added to it. My goal is to simply create a backdrop that accentuates its perfection. I design each verse individually and hand embellish many with crystals or glitter, bringing a bit of sparkle to represent God’s word lighting our way. Each product is beautifully crafted from quality materials and thoughtfully packaged, giving them a luxe, high-end feel. Of all things, I believe the word of God should be produced lavishly!


I’ve heard some moving stories about how our products, particularly the cards, have impacted people. Possibly the most memorable was from a woman who lost her little girl to cancer. She told me she received scores of sympathy cards in the mail, but they were often upsetting. She said, “I knew people meant well, but they didn’t know what to say. When they wrote things like ‘She’s in a better place,’ I would get so angry. I eventually stopped opening them.” Then she held up a card with Hebrews 13:5: “I will never leave you nor foresake you,” and said, “But if someone had sent me this, I would have kept it by my bedside and read it every day.” It wasn’t my design that caught her eye, it was God’s words that caught her heart. God’s voice is what she most needed to hear, confirming that these ancient words could not be more modern and relevant today.

The Bible is no ordinary book—it is not simply history or instructions on how to live a good life. In it, Jesus is called “The Word.” I once read a little girl’s simple and sweet interpretation of what that means: “Jesus is everything God wanted to tell us in a person.” John 1:18 poignantly says it this way: “He explained Him.” If we want to know what God is like, we look at Jesus. He is God made flesh, and the bible invites us to interact with him. As Hebrews 4:12 declares: “The word of God is alive and active…”

Modern Word is a resource for you to experience more of God’s presence in your daily life—wear His words, see His words, light His words. My hope is that as you experience God’s Word with your senses, it will seep down deep into your heart, light your path and lead you to meet and intimately know The Word himself.

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